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Forever Marilyn Returns to Palm Springs

marilyn monroe

It’s pretty obvious that we are huge fans of the late, Marilyn Monroe.  Even to the point that we dedicated our “Some Like it Hot” home in Palm Springs to the legendary actress—filling the space with a modicum of references, photographs and resources.  For us, she embodied a certain flamboyant panache and flair that stood out in a much simpler time without the trappings of modern social media and reality TV that have guided our social understanding of what “style” is and isn’t.

And you can imagine our excitement when we heard that the “Forever Marilyn” statue would be returning to Palm Springs after a 5 year hiatus.  For those that don’t remember, the 26 foot tall statue created by the late artist, Seward Johnson stood at the corner of Palm Canyon and Tahquitz from 2012 to 2014.  Today (April 18th), Marilyn’s, icon pose from “Seven Year Itch”, is being placed in her new home on Museum Way, just west of Belardo Road—back in the town where some say she belongs.

Yes, you can expect thousands of Instagram posts of both men and women with flirtive expressions posing as if to look up her skirt—but for us, it doesn’t matter.  The statue is a form of expression and art that embodies the full spirt of the iconic actress that left this world way to soon.  She will draw old and new fans alike to our beloved city and that my friends, is a good thing.  After a year of repressive abstinence in our daily lives, isn’t the idea of road-tripping to Palm Springs to see this amazing statue, just  what we all need?

For more details on the Forever Marilyn statue, click here to read the recent article in the Desert Sun.   


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